Make Altcoins Great Again

The Führer is making altcoins great again by using the latest advances in Blocktrain technology to provide a final solution to the Bankster problem.

Work Sets You Free

The Führer believes that any currency will ultimately be a failure if power is concentrated in the hands of a few.

The proof of work algorithm was selected to prevent consolidation of mining operations. Using a CPU is more power efficient than using a GPU to mine Adolfcoin, and smartphones are the most power efficient way to mine.

The development process is another aspect where power is often socially concentrated. A collective work has two extreme outcomes. Either it’s a failure, in which case every sane person walks away without a fight. Or, it’s a success, and there’s jockeying for power and control which destroys the project.

The Führerprocess is essentially a hill-climbing algorithm that prevents centralization of the development process, rendering the project immune to these power struggles, whiny ragequitting, and charismatic takeover.

Protection from Spying Marxists

It’s mathematically impossible for any transactions you make using Adolfcoin to be traced through the Blocktrain to see any amounts, where any coins came from or where you sent them. Adolfcoin uses RingCT (an improved version of ring signatures) right from the genesis block. It is not possible to make a transaction in Adolfcoin without using RingCT.

Not for Speculators

Speculation is the shitcoin creator’s stock-in-trade, but when it comes to actually building something useful speculation is corrosive and results in instability. The Führer hopes that simply using his name will go a long way towards driving speculators away from Adolfcoin.

The long term goal of Adolfcoin is to be useful for ordinary people. The Führer is currently building a number of primary components in the Adolfcoin ecosystem, such as Adolf’s Anonymous Marketplace which is an experiment in providing normal people an easy, safe and cheap way to buy or sell products with a level of privacy that they decide.

Adolf the Artist

The Führer was an artist before being compelled to save the world from banksters, some of his work can even be seen on this site.

Every month, the Führer will release a new limited edition museum grade fine-art print and collector card. These can only be purchased with Adolfcoin.

Limited sets of the card game Adolf Against Humanity will also be available so that you too may enjoy the Führer’s brutal sense of humour.