Quick start for Windows and Android

Windows users can download the software and follow the instructions here to mine raw dog. This is the best way to get up and running for most people.

You can also use @fluffball‘s mining pool, see the instructions for Windows and Android.

If you can’t get the Adolfcoin wallet working on your system but want to get started mining straight away you can mine in a mining pool. You’ll need an address to receive payments, you can generate one online and then import it to your wallet later when you get it working.

Mining Pool vs. Raw Dog

There are two ways to mine Adolfcoin. You can mine raw dog, or you can participate in a mining pool.

To understand the difference, you first need to understand how the Adolfcoin Blockchain works. Here’s a great video explaining it, or just keep reading.

Approximately every two minutes, a new block is added to the blockchain. Each new block creates new coins. These coins are given to whoever finds the block. This is the way that coins are created and distributed.

If there are 5,000 people trying to find a block and they all have an equally powerful CPU, each person has a 1/5,000 chance of finding the next block. This also means that if you are one of these people, you will need to wait an average of 5,000 blocks (or 1 week) before you find one. You might find 4 blocks in a matter of hours and then none for a month, or you might find one a week, but the average will be the same.

You may decide that instead of receiving coins sporadically like this, you would prefer to receive them more predictably and consistently. You can do this by mining in a pool with other miners. You’ll still get approximately the same number of coins in a month, but you’ll get smaller amounts more regularly, generally once a day.  Since the pool has far more CPU power than you alone, it finds blocks far more often. It then divides up the rewarded coins among the members of the pool based on how much CPU power everyone contributed.

Pools charge fees (to pay for bandwidth, electricity, hardware, and upkeep), so you won’t receive as many coins in total as you would by mining alone, but they are very popular because you are rewarded more often and more consistently.