The Führer was an artist before being compelled to save the world from banksters, some of his work can even be seen on this site, and on the forum.

I was raised and politicized by my friends, my neighbors, and family. I painted my first mural at age 8 on a building that no longer exists. As an artist and organizer, my work has kept me engaged at the intersection of grassroots and policy making.
-The Führer

Art Prints

Upon the launch of Adolf’s Anonymous Marketplace the Führer will release a new limited edition print every month.

These are museum-grade prints of the Führer’s original artwork on German made acid-free cotton archival paper. Care instructions are included with the print along with a pair of lint-free White cotton gloves for handling the piece. Each print is signed and numbered by the Führer with only 40 of each drawing being produced.

Collector Cards

A new limited edition collector card will be released every two weeks. Only 40 of each card will be produced, with each one being signed and numbered by the Führer.

Limited sets of the card game Adolf Against Humanity will also be available, allowing ordinary people to enjoy the Führer’s brutal sense of humor.

Want to set yourself apart from everyone else in the office and show your boss you have a great work ethic? Nothing says “I’m not afraid of putting in the hard yards to achieved a shared goal” like one of these mugs. The Führer recommends taking it to team meetings for greater impact.

Use Adolfcoin to buy one of these when Adolf’s Anonymous Marketplace opens.